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Robert L. Willoughby

Managing Partner

Global financial executive and highly regarded business partner with a combined experience in both corporate finance and capital structure advisory at board / executive management levels as well as portfolio, credit, underwriting, and capital commitment risk decision making at Credit Suisse, Bankers Trust Company, Citicorp and Bank of America.

In close partnership with senior business management, made risk decisions enabling two separate highly regarded firms to attain market-leading positions in leveraged finance while avoiding the need for governmental capital support through the financial crisis. Expertise in all debt, equity, and derivative products; capital market and private instruments’ structures and pricing; high-yield origination; and debt restructuring and recapitalization. Significant track record in value reclamation in distressed assets and a no-loss record in portfolio approved positions.

Expertise Includes:

  • Corporate Recapitalization
    & Restructurings
  • Project Finance Advisory
  • Innovative Business Solutions
  • Leveraged Finance Risk
    Management & Decision Making
  • Origination & Restructuring
  • Debt, Equity & Derivative Products
  • Investment Strategies
  • Distressed Investing
  • Strategic & Global Leadership

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